'23 Seniors.....LET'S GO!!!!


Hi y'all!  This year seniors will register for Banner Photo Day online.  They'll fill out a quick online form that I will use when I'm designing their banner.  I'll include the link at the end of this email.  



Here's how it will work on Senior Banner Day:


-Athletes register online before Senior Banner Day (link is below)

-Payment will be coordinated through the team parent before banners are delivered

-Please arrive a few minutes early and dressed in full uniform head to toe so that we can start your team on time.

-We'll be taking photos inside the school (your coach will let you know where to go).  Please line up in the hall and wait until you are called in.  We'll do one athlete at a time.

-When it's your turn, we'll take 2-3 different posed photos.  PLEASE BRING A PROP (ball, helmet, pompoms, etc).

-When we're done taking photos, you'll immediately be able to check out the proofs on the monitor and will choose your favorite.  I'll replace the background for your banner.

-That's it!   :) 


I always do light retouching for the banners (mild blemishes, shine, etc.) but additional retouching will incur an additional fee.  This includes but is not limited to braces removal, eyelashes fixed, acne/breakouts, fixing makeup, etc.  Also, since multiple photos will be taken there will be no retakes.  


I'll send out a link for ordering prints, digitals, buttons and other fun stuff after the banners are completed.  Banner pricing includes low resolution digital images for sharing online (not for printing).


If you have any questions don't hesitate to give me a call, send me a text or send me an email!  I'm happy to help.  I always look forward to taking banner photos.  These kids are awesome and I have a lot of fun with them.   I also shoot for CBS Sports/Maxpreps and I try to get to at least one game/meet/match for my banner teams and those photos will be available for sale on Maxpreps.com.  I'm also available for hire to cover your player during his or her game(s)!  Looking forward to seeing all these athletes out there again this year!  





Contact Information:

Becca Rouse

Becca Rouse Photography, LLC

Rouse Sports Photography



[email protected]