Becca Rouse Photography, LLC | Summer Swim Teams



Welcome, summer swim team families!

If you're looking for information on sports photography services for your swimmer(s), you've come to the right place!


Basic Team and Individual Picture Days:

-We'll work with you to determine the best time for your team's Picture Day (before a regular practice, before a meet, separate day dedicated to photos, etc.).

-Our team will arrive early to set up and get organized so that we're ready to start as soon as the swimmers arrive.  

-Individual photos will be taken first, and the team photo will be taken last.

-All edited images will be available for sale online after Picture Day.  Individual swimmer images are available for purchase as digital downloads or prints, and team images are available as prints only.  Packages are also available.


Swim Meet Coverage:

-Get professional images of your swimmer in action!  

-Our photographers are trained in sports photography and use only professional gear.  The images you'll receive are high resolution and ready for print (even large sizes!).  

-Our current rate is $100 per hour and $25 each additional hour, with a one hour minimum.  

-YOU CAN SPLIT THE COST WITH ANOTHER FAMILY (OR TWO, OR THREE...)!  Arrange for our photographer to photograph several swimmers.  Just point them out to us when we arrive!

-You'll receive edited high resolution digital images that are ready for print (small, medium and large sizes).  While we make every effort to get as many quality shots of your swimmer as is humanly possible, we can't promise to get images worthy of a Sports Illustrated cover every time.  We sure will try, though!


Custom Posters and Banners:

-We'll create a personalized image of your swimmer for a poster or banner design.  Contact us for pricing and availability today!